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Pharrell x Zaha Hadid adidas Supershell

I couldn’t let the day get away without spotlighting the announcement of Pharrell x adidas Supershell. He links up with 4 artists to collaborate on a new, limited release on August 7th. These designs are already fresh and that’s even before you dive into the collaborating artist and Pharrell’s reasons for inspiration.

I’m particularly highlighting Zaha Hadid, given my architecture degree and the fact that she’s one of my favorite architects. The shelltoe is amazing and the yellow accents are subtle and on point too. In the video, there’s some flower print to the shelltoes and that certainly works too. Scroll below for the photos and the video wherein these quotables are derived from.



More on the other collabs below!


Heydar Aliyev Center: Design of the Year

The “Designs of the Year” awards were announced yesterday — as simplistic and fitting a title for an award — by London’s Design Museum and earning the Design of the Year is Zaha Hadid‘s Heydar Aliyev Center. She makes history as the first woman architect award winner in 7 years and the Center is the center is the first architecture project to be awarded.

The beautiful, signature curvilinear forms of Hadid are magnified even more throughout the outside and inside of the Baku, Azerbaijan landmark. Not mad at all at the Design Museum’s decision; the Heydar is simply breathtaking. Look out for another feature on Zaha Hadid later this week in the Design section!

Via ArchDaily, the other nominated architecture projects are: NLE Architects’ Makoko Floating SchoolThe Turbulences FRAC Centre by Jakob + Macfarlane Architects, and the interior remodeling of the St. Moritz Church by John Pawson.

Jockey Club Innovation Tower [Video]

Above is a breathtaking new video highlighting living legend Zaha Hadid’s latest work in Hong Kong: the Jockey Club Innovation Tower.

The JCIT is Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s (PolyU) School of Design, and the Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation. It naturally serves as a breeding ground for curious design minds and it’s only right that those minds get enriched in a place of good design. I’ve become more of a fan of Hadid’s extravagant and abstract forms in the past year and the JCIT keeps the fandom increasing. The building’s exterior curves are beautiful and immediately ignite a flow that I feel is contagious after watching the video. The paths that the architecture point students toward in the interior already give me an extraordinary feeling so I can only imagine what it’s like to work there.

© Iwan Baan

As any fan of, most notably, Apple’s clean white design will likely agree, the use of white in the interior of JCIT is wonderful. It is the perfect, inviting color for architecture that’s otherwise outlandish — a great balance shall I say. Case in point: this may be the most beautiful escalator space I have ever seen.

© Doublespace
© Doublespace
© Virgile Simon Bertrand
© Virgile Simon Bertrand

More photos can be viewed below via a myriad of sources: Doublespace, Virgile Simon Bertrand, Iwan Baan, and ArchDaily (which has more specifics on the building that opened this year.) One more gorgeous feature worth noting: the soccer field beneath the tower. That surrounding feeling is likely a comforting one akin to DePaul’s home soccer field right beneath the “El” train here in Chicago.

© Doublespace
© Doublespace
© Iwan Baan
© Iwan Baan

The ABC of Architects

New or old to architecture, this video’s for you.

The ABC of Architects is a fun video that re-imagines the alphabet with famous architects and their most renowned buildings. For instance, Santiago Calatrava is ‘C’ and Le Corbusier is ‘L’ (hey! my 2 favorites :D) so that either name can count and no legend gets discounted.

It’s a quick 2-minute watch, spiced up by some clever animation that syncs with the old-timey song. You may even learn a building or two, and like me, be inspired to fire up the ole ‘Google’ tool to see more photos of them. I even did that to pull out some screenshots of my favorite architects/buildings. Enjoy!

h/t Hypebeast and S-Preme on the assist