#GWHHVIDEO: Eve LIVE @ CK One Music Lounge #LOLLA

Filmed & Edited by: Maks G

The CK One Music Lounge was another go-to spot to be at for Lollapalooza weekend if you weren’t at the festival during the day. Exhibit A is this private performance from Eve, who performed a high-energy mix of classics and new cuts from her summer album, Lip Lock.

The intimate and exclusive setting allowed the crowd to interact with Eve in between songs, which gave the performance even more of a family feel. As a first-time viewer of Eve in person, I came away impressed with her engaging vibe and overall style. I was swept up with the crowd in all the fun when her classics came on like “Who’s That Girl and “Tambourine,” both documented above. Plus, I’m seeing more and more that her Lip Lock album is nothin’ to sleep on as the intro track “Eve,” which leads off the video above, really resonated in person too. All in all, it certainly sounds like I enjoyed the performance doesn’t it? So did the rest of our team and those in the CK One Music Lounge.

Give another one of our #GWHHVideos a look-see above and also browse below for a sampling of what the CK One Music Lounge was like. As Eve shouted out in the video too, shoutout to BMF Media once again for putting together the dope event and atmosphere.

 Eve performing, Maks G filming

Rocco Bandana also performed at the CK One Music Lounge this past Lolla weekend

@Sirachana & @heath_michaels on hand for #TeamGowhere

Fly Through The Future Minnesota Vikings Stadium

Feeling like showing love to a couple of second loves of mine: Minneapolis and architecture. I got a degree in the latter at the University of Minnesota so when the Vikings revealed the designs for the new stadium taking the place of the Metrodome (a stadium I’ve been to many a time), I was eager to see what they did. Impressed is an understatement.

The $975 million dollar stadium, designed by HKS Architects, features the “largest transparent roof in the world” that opens to the downtown Minneapolis skyline. Think of it as a retractable window, as you can see above. I can already imagine the breathtaking blimp views looking outside, in to see a faint Adrian Peterson touchdown in the distance.

HKS not only made some bold decisions with the “transparent roof” but also with the stadium’s many pointed forms. My only critique is with the jagged top point, but only from certain angles, namely the north and south. It doesn’t bother me to a point that I think it should be removed. It otherwise looks pretty amazing, and is one of the stadium’s many distinct features.

The fan experience will be taken into account as “Vikings fans will be closer to the field than any other stadium in the country.” You can tell from some of the interior renderings that the top couple of decks hover a little closer in than normally. I’ve always had that in mind if I were to one day help design a stadium. Glad to see it well thought out, and seemingly well-executed here.

Finally, to drive it all home, watch the official “Fly Through” of the stadium to really experience the retractable roof, the stadium inside and out, and its relation to Minneapolis (designing “Fly Throughs” in high school was the best.) I can’t state enough how much I love the relationship between the playing field, the transparency, and the skyline. Vikings, and Gophers fans, (the peeks at the baseball configuration look equally nice) are going to be elated come 2016.

All photos and video courtesy of (more photos there)

“Cityscape Chicago” – The Must-See Timelapse

Chicago. Our hometown. And it’s simply beautiful. I love everything about this city.

That’s really all I have to say. I’m at a loss for words after watching this timelapse. Those are the thoughts runnin’ through my head.

Major shouts to Eric Hines. Here’s some more info on how he made the video… and a beautiful Chicago GIF to boot…

Please watch in Fullscreen & HD with sound for best quality.

Cityscape Chicago is a personal timelapse piece consisting of over 30,000 still photographs shot on the Canon 5D Mark III incrementally between July and October 2012 around downtown Chicago, Illinois.

The inspiration of this piece was my fascination with the city of Chicago, particularly at night. For me, there has always been a mysterious sort of feeling to Chicago at night, so I decided to explore and capture it.

– Eric Hines


Lollapalooza 2012 Interviews

What an awesome weekend Lollapalooza was this year. Chicago was filled with entertainment from morning to night. This year, Govia and I got to cover the festival and the after parties. Not only did we listen to your favorite songs from your favorite artists, but we got to talk to a few of them. Check out this Lollapalooza recap that was put together for all of you who couldn’t attend or just want to relive the experience. The interviews include artists who took over the Perry Stage such as Bassnectar, Paper Diamond, Zedd, DJ Zebo, and Zeds Dead who talk about what it takes to become an artist and the use of all the production these days. Also, Black Sabbath‘s keyboardist Adam Wakeman talks to us about the few shows this year with Ozzy Osbourne. This recap also includes many more performances at Lollapalooza such as The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more from after parties at the Hard Rock Hotel. Enjoy!

Interviews & Filmed by: Samantha Lebbos & Govia

Chief Production Editor: Jessica Nowak

Miguel Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop @ Lolla

What a great way to launch Lollapalooza weekend by interviewing Miguel. I was so excited watching him perform at the Hard Rock Hotel for the Soul Sounds Pre-Lolla Kickoff Party. Not only did we get to watch him perform live (“All I Want Is You” & “Quickie” seen above), we got to talk to him on the red carpet. Watch and get the inside scoop on his new album and why he is releasing two EPs of songs from the album before releasing Kaleidoscope Dream in full on October 2. You’d be surprised by his answer. He also tells us what is the one food he can’t live without. Enjoy!

 Interview by: Samantha Lebbos

Filmed by: Sgt. Tibs

Edited by: Jessica Nowak