A new song that should be on Stranger Things…

Play this for the first minute and imagine the sound and the mood for Season 3 of Stranger Things. Even the visuals match. Once the hook hits it doesn’t fit, but it’s still a dope song in its own right that I’ve had in my rotation all summer.

The story of discovering this one’s a good one.

Kid Cudi’s “Mr. Rager” came up in the shuffle, which brought me back to when Logic sampled it for his 2011 song “Mind of Logic”. And then I remembered that the female vocalist on that song killed said sample of “Mr. Rager”.

I tracked down the video, then googled Camille Michelle Gray to see she’s since branched off as the lead singer in a duo called NUEX. “Eyes” lives on the Affectus EP which I’d strongly suggest a quick listen. (It’s 5 songs. “The Fall” is just as good.)

And hey… while we’re bringing back Logic… here’s Young Sinatra IV.

I skipped ahead to the Wu Tang Forever collab, the “Life’s a Bitch” redux, the Jaden collab, and the Kanye “Last Call” outro… the latter feels too forced albeit an interesting listen. A lot that’s interesting here though. Gotta play catch up this weekend…


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