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2Pac x OutKast collab would have happened?

This isn’t click-bait. There’s some substance to it, via this unearthed letter from ‘Pac indicating that a collab album was in the, seemingly verbal stages, with not only OutKast but also Scarface, E-40, Smiff & Wessun, and of course The Outlawz.

It’s technically unconfirmed (*the letter’s authenticity), but was seen today via the good people at DJ Booth. Plus, I have read many a works from the Tupac handwritten collection and it looks much like his writing. Besides, don’t you just want to believe 2Pac was up for working with OutKast anyway?

(LOL @ 2Pac’s 🙂 emoji.)

EDIT: Looks like Big Boi would have been open to the collab as well.

More speculation: Could the letter have surfaced at the newly opened Tupac exhibit at The Grammy Museum? Any L.A. readers out there, let us know: @gowherehiphop.


Big Sean f/ E-40 “IDFWU” on Fallon

Big Sean was tonight’s musical guest on an all-new Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and he brought along E-40 for a performance of “IDFWU”, backed by The Roots.

How long do you think mothers across the country watched this with their kids and then changed the channel? The beginning of this song is unintentionally hilarious with all the editing.

Also unintentionally hilarious: Sean turned to dap up his DJ first and Fallon was left hanging for a split second. Good thing E-40 was on the other side. Ha!

(Is it me or is the performance ultra slowed down? Going to look for another version soon.)

Big Sean “IDFWU” f/ E-40

You know this will be a fun video on the silly side when you see Big Sean lining up at QB and Coach Kanye West making a cameo. The football themed visuals, directed by Lawrence Lamont, add a different flair to the breakup anthem “IDFWU” as Sean gets distracted by a cheating lady friend in the stands. This leads to the one Kanye line in the video — “focus.” Product placement galore as well in a video that also stars the co-producer DJ Mustard. To keep it real, I wasn’t really a fan of the concept in general and think they shoulda gone even more all the way comedic given the story. Coach Kanye really needed a Coach Ditka moment too. Perhaps the GIFs and MEMEs that are sure to come from the video will add some more of that to the mix, ha. I’ll update with a few if I see some good ones.

QB Big Sean with Coach Kanye West
QB Big Sean with Coach Kanye West

Big Sean “IDFWU” (BTS)

Of the recent new releases from Big Sean, “IDFWU” — the catchy DJ Mustard/Kanye West produced single featuring E-40 — has since become a breakup anthem to some. Naturally, after a lyric video that spelled out the song, Big Sean teases the upcoming music video with a cameo from Coach Kanye West.

You see, Big Sean is taking it to the football field for the breakup anthem, which makes sense right? I feel like this will have “Best I Ever Had” vibes where the video will go in a different, silly direction compared to what the song is actually about. It’s hard to imagine a macho football team in a huddle galvanized with bitter thought towards their exes. I just hope Kanye channels a little bit from his city’s most iconic football coach, you know, Daaaa Coach, in the final product.