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Steph Curry on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last night, Steph Curry was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the two bounced around on a number of topics starting with Curry’s round of golf with the President last Friday.

The MVP also talked about growing up around Muggsy Bogues, his mouth guard chewing habit, and his adorable daughter Riley even gets a cameo. Watch all the clips below.

ICYMI: The top 100 Plays of the NBA Season (Official Video)

This was a test, ha! 🙂 I guess Halle was a guest recently too after browsing the JKL channel for these Curry clips.

BONUS: Anthony Davis was also on the late-night circuit with James Corden last night. He teaches him how to Whip and Nae-Nae in addition to talks of his new contract and NBA 2K16. Also, he’s sitting next to Patrick Stewart!

Miguel “Coffee” on Jimmy Kimmel & GMA

I’ve written how “Coffee” is one of my go-to R&B singles right now every time I get the chance and it always jumps another level live with Miguel’s studio vocals on display in front of an electric band.

He brought that energy for new performances of the single on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Good Morning America, while also even doing a skit for JKL where he brought out coffee to a fan at a coffee shop. Ha! Perfect.

Wildheart out today!

Andre Iguodala on Jimmy Kimmel

If I told you at the beginning of the season that Finals MVP Andre Iguodala would be on Jimmy Kimmel Live in June, 2015, then what would you have said?

It happened last night and the sit-down was an enjoyable chat about Iguodala’s crazy week after winning the title last Tuesday. He shares the adorable story of his son making him and NBA Finals Trophy for Father’s Day (in April), what it’s like to guard LeBron, and my favorite: the Gold, Silver, and Bronze for the Turn-Up Rankings on the Warriors’ celebratory trip to Vegas. Enjoy!

Rihanna pranks Jimmy Kimmel

Above: Rihanna and Jimmy Kimmel doing what will definitely be this year’s Ice Bucket Challenge — the Twizzlers Challenge for Autism Awareness. Pretty priceless photo though. That video is below but first…

For April Fool’s Day, Rihanna got Jimmy, and got Jimmy pretty good.

Hah! Worked to perfection. And it looked legit. And now BBHMM is stuck in my head too.

Here’s more from the April Fool’s edition of JKL, including the full Rihanna interview, a Cousin Sal prank turned great gesture, and the other April Fool’s video that stands apart for me: a throwback episode to 1995 of #TheStarters on NBATV. Yup, it’s very unrelated to Rihanna, but there’s a good chance you like 90s basketball too.